Not Until I Do Something Else

Writing is torture.

It also brings me great joy and satisfaction.

It’s kinda like having a root canal and an orgasm at the same time.  That’s the only way I can describe it and I’ve probably said that more than once in My Own Private Blogosphere….but that’s the way it is.

I have about four or five projects in various stages of completion right now but I seem fixated on laundry and painting my own toenails before I’ll allow myself to sit down and get serious.

It is fear?  Or do I just a chronically procrastinate?  I’m afraid it’s both which makes me one of those “dual diagnosis” writers.  I have fear of writing AND procrastination tendencies.

Is there a pill for that?

Probably.  (Note to self:  call a local pediatrician and ask since the best prescription drugs are reserved for school-aged children these days.)

I know one thing:  I’m obsessed with  I can’t live without it.  Like sugar.  I consume them both with equal enthusiasm and today I decided to torture myself with dozens of ways to use the word “procrastinate” without actually using it before I sat down to a healthy breakfast of Girl Scout cookies and a protein bar that advertises 18 grams of protein.  (That means it’s good for you, right?)

Bum around, dilly-dally, dawdle, fritter away, shilly-shally (huh??), drag one’s feet….to name just a few of the more sophisticated ways of saying the p-word. There was also this little jab to make sure I understood exactly who is responsible for aforementioned shilly-shallying:

“Various things may cause a delay , but a postponement  will result from the action of a person.”

Excellent food for thought.

After I frittered away about an hour, dawdled, lagged and got nowhere fast, I satisfied my morbid curiosity about why Ashley Judd’s face looked bloated on a Canadian talk show which was well worth my time, I have to say because….

Damn…where was I? I was all worked up about poor Ashley. I was about to talk about my daily horoscope which begins:

“We are masters of organization today, which can increase productivity.”