The Tao of Donna

yin-yang.jpgI love my friends!  They are an endless source of blog fodder which makes it so much easier for me when my head is otherwise devoid of interesting thoughts.  This is one such moment.

My friend Donna, after a rough patch in the road threw her life off track, has discovered the wisdom of Tao Te Ching (or Dao De Jing as they spell it on Wikipedia which always makes me a bit suspect.  Who the hell are all those Wiki-philes anyway and what do you have to do to be one??)  Anyway, she was was quite taken by a book she has purchased called The Story of Tao Te Ching and how beautiful and profound it was in its simplicity.  I was thrilled for her!  Everybody needs to find a peaceful path, right?   Why the hell didn’t I have the good sense to reach for this book 20 years ago?  I could have found the peaceful path rather than the one I was on which was the path of emotional land mines.  Oh well, I’ve always had to learn the hard way but that’s another story and it’s much more fun to expose the soft underbellies of my friends rather than my own.    I do it with the utmost love and respect…. really!

So… Donna tells another friend about this awesome book.  She tells him about the colorful illustrations and the sweet story of this ancient sage and the calming effect it had on her. 

Her friend said it sounded like a children’s book.

When she hung up the phone, she looked more closely at the cover.

Ages 7 – ll. 

Doesn’t matter how you get peace, my friend.  Just that you get it!

“Those who understand themselves are enlightened”