The Nirvana Chronicles – Day Four – Waiting For Godolphins

My new obsession is paddle boarding. It’s awesome. It’s  freeing. It makes my face ache from smiling so much, not to mention making my arms ache from rowing my proverbial ass off.

But here’s the best part.  Every morning in the cove near our hotel, a huge pod of spinner dolphins comes through.  If you’re lucky, they swim right by the paddle boards and leap out of the water and spin around like they’re made of pure happiness.

On day two, I saw them from a distance while slamming back my second pot of Kona coffee [I live for Kona coffee, btw]. There were so many of them I thought my contacts were  going all wonky and making me see quadruples of everything.  But my contacts were fine. I vowed that every morning, I would paddle board and wait for the dolphins to come…

And so I did.

And on Day Four they came.

At first, I thought it was a bunch of people swimming in the water near me.  Then it dawned on me that humans don’t have dorsal fins or swim super fast [except Michael Phelps who not only swims super fast but may also have a secret dorsal fin].

No….it wasn’t a herd of swimmers. It was a huge pod of spinners.

And on Day Four….I was happy. I was covered in salt, sunburned and prune-y from waiting and rowing so long but I didn’t care.  I was happy.  Come to think of it…I have been happy every day no matter what I’ve had to wait for.

And that’s all the matters here in Nirvana.


The Nirvana Chronicles – Day Two

Martinis at the beach at sunset.

A chiseled Hawaiian dressed only in a sarong and tribal tattoos lights torches along the sand.

Another martini [or two] under the stars.

We stagger back to our room and fall into bed.

I  dreamed about a little girl who wanted to sing me a song she’d written. The lyrics made me cry and I wondered how on earth such a young girl could be so soulful. I vowed to remember the words when I woke up.

But I can’t.

A woman told me how easily I tan.

I don’t… but I believed her anyway.

The rest of the dream was fractured and strange yet oddly beautiful.  There was something about a wedding. The bride was spectacular and her entourage was dressed in full Victorian garb and they were running in super slow-motion through a lush grove of trees.

I told them they shouldn’t be in such a hurry.