A Dry And Arid Place

This describes my recent creative energy.

Even reading the “What’s your current state of mind?” question presented to people I’m supposed to give a shit about in Vanity Fair didn’t stoke the flames of my cynicism nor even elicit a chuckle.

I would be hard-pressed to come up with a pithy answer to that question because I don’t really know what my current state of mind is save for the fact that I’ve developed a strange attraction to the tumbleweed.

Hmm…from succulent advocate (because they simply cannot be killed even by me) to lover of dead vegetation.

I am gravely concerned that this a metaphor for hopelessness.

So…what did I do?

I bought a MacBook Pro.

It is sleek and shiny and smooth.

It seduces my inner magpie.

Its wordless promise of redemption taunts me in a way that makes my knees buckle.

Yes, I am yours MacBook.  Do not hurt me.  I am very, very fragile.