The Good Word

I’m a geek; a dyed-in-the-wool nerd whose favorite category on Jeopardy is Word Origins.  It’s not enough that I actually watch Jeopardy and have favorite categories; I secretly think Alex Trebek is a babe.  Any dude with smarts like that who can speak French while subtly slamming Joe from Akron for missing some obscure question about 16th century German literature has a permanent seat atop the ideal mate food chain.  But that’s just me.


The other day, a very interesting and learned man introduced me to a new word:  ululate.  It means “to howl”.   Although I was fascinated by the word (never heard it), I still don’t quite know why he shared it with me.  We were on the cusp of a full moon which, I have to admit, gave me pause.  Fortunately, we all parted ways before midnight which was a suggestion by yours truly just to be on the safe side.  But fear aside, I took his advice and looked up the Miriam-Webster Word of the Day and got one of my self-proclaimed brilliant ideas.  To commemorate the countdown of W’s last days in office, I will attempt to use the Word of the Day in a fictional or factual sentence that describes him, his actions or just him as a regular guy each time I write something regardless of the content. 


Today’s word:  clochard –  kloh-SHAR  :  tramp or vagrant


The Washington Review today quoted President Bush as he reached out to a ragged clochard on a street corner as saying “I know how hard it is to put food on your family.  Society has misunderestimated the hardships of the common man”.  (fictional account, fictional publication but based on atual “bushisms”)


I would have started my dedication yesterday but the Word of the Day was genius.