I Can’t Hear You

Sometimes I make a purchase that rocks my world is a super good way.

Today it was Bose noise cancelling headphones.

Actually, I bought them for my husband so I can snap them on his head during a flight when a baby starts screaming.  Sitting next to him when a baby starts screaming on a flight is actually worse than the screaming baby so this purchase (not unsubstantial, I might add ‘cuz these fuckers are NOT cheap) was kind of selfish.

So I gave them a test drive.

And my selfishness went on holy-shit-turbo-overdrive.

iTunes and I are now insperable….and close….very, very close.  Closer than we ever were.  So close that I think my heart will explode.

It is as if I am hearing music for the very first time so rich is the sound pulsing through these glorious pods cocooning my soon-to-be-deaf ears.

Wanna experience a musical orgasm?  Follow the instructions below:

1)  Place the pods gingerly around your head.

2) Take a moment and drink in the nearly complete silence (if your neighbors are fighting, all the better OR crank up America’s Got Talent so you can drown out that surly British dude as he dashes the hopes of some poor 10-year-old).

3)  Go to iTunes or the music library of your choice and listen to something that makes your heart sing (For me, it’s Little Martha by the Allman Brothers – poor , poor Duane – God rest his soul).

4)  After the orgasm is over…buy me a nice fruitcake for the turn-on.

And if you see some blissful woman with black cans on her head sitting next to a man ready to zip himself out of his own skin because of a screaming infant?

That would be me.

You can mail the fruitcake.