The Watch Off His Back

I am blessed with some amazing friends.

They have not always come to me through my own universe.

Being the transient, lost soul that I’ve been in my life, my husband brings most of them to the party. After all,  he is the one who is firmly rooted and has a solid base from which to work.  I, on the other hand, have wandered and strayed from pillar to post picking up – then losing – many along the way. Those he has brought to me, though, I lay claim to as if they’re my own.  I covet them, protect them, feed them, love them. He doesn’t mind in the least. He is as generous as I am selfish in the world of human connections.

Perhaps selfish is the wrong word. I will change that to…discerning. Because I do not trust easily.  When I do?  It is absolute and brings me great joy even though it puts chinks in my armored heart.

So when someone important in our lives gives me a gift that is literally straight off his back? Or in this case….his wrist, just because he appreciates our friendship?  It merits more than a paper thank you note written in childish scrawl and dropped in a cold metal box along with a million others bound for who knows where.

So this, Mr. Rafferty, is my thank you.  Words to me are like watches to you….I collect them… and when I can, I share them.  And it makes me happy.

I hope this is read by many because what you did was amazing and memorable and so utterly genuine. I wear this beautiful piece of time you bestowed on me every single day.  It reminds me what is important in this crazy, fucked-up world.

Wish I could have figured out how to stuff a Smart Car in an envelope and mail it to you but, alas, I am not that clever.