My First Day On A Movie Set

carmel-movie-set-002I never thought I’d ever say those words.

Then again, I never thought I’d say the words “Mom, dad, I’m pregnant.  So…goodnight, then.  I’ve got my first driver’s ed test in the morning so I better hit the hay.”

But that’s what makes life interesting and today had to be one of the most interesting days I’ve ever had.   Okay….second most (see above).

This is the first day of shooting on the movie Carmel.  The cool dude in the foreground is Craig.  He’s a very organized guy and has worked on over 30 films, the last of which was Cirque du Freak filmed in New Orleans.  It’s about vampires.   At first I was a little scared of Craig, but my hidden crucifix and pocket full of garlic gave me some added courage so it was all good.

The man who looks like his head is  a giant Panavision camera is Walt Lloyd.   If you look him up on, you’ll be impressed, I promise.

The other baseball-capped man’s name is either Kevin or Tim but I’m not certain.  I met 675 people today and tomorrow there’s a test on names so I’ve got some heavy studying to do tonight.  I apologize to Tim/Kevin (or possibly Zac or Pablo) for my lapse of memory.


This is another shot of Walt.

Good thing he’s not afraid of heights.

I am and it made me nervous.

I think he may have heard me whimpering, thus the hand gesture.


Shouldn’t you be wearing  a helmet?


Can someone get this nut job off the set?  Please??

I plan to be on set every day until they’re finished or until I’m escorted off the premises by the local authorities, whichever comes first.

Damn!  There is so much more to this!  I will keep my reports coming….but….if my posts suddenly evaporate, it’s probably because they don’t have Internet in jail.

P.S.  I don’t know who the back of the head at the bottom belongs to.  He shall remain nameless.