A Walk On The Beach

beach-sceneEver have one of those days when all is right with the world? 

You’re walking along a magnificent stretch of beach, minding your business under a canopy of blue, not a wisp of cloud or haze. 

The stress of the  day evaporates, carried away by a gentle zephyr passing through your psyche on a mission to cleanse.

For a brief moment, your mind is free to wander barefoot like a childhood memory long dormant but  not forgotten;  merely asleep under a thin blanket of consciousness.  What is this mysterious “thing” that both haunts and inspires?  Does it have a name?



And then you suddenly remember something.  Maybe something simple, maybe something irritating and profound and WHAM. 

Shot out of the cocoon of silence that you know only appears on ocassion to taunt and prod and tease luring you into a false sense of serenity. 

Little fucker.