Politics and The Media

After a long, dry spell in Blogville, I was hoping to come up with something light and comical.  I like comical. It’s funny…thus the name.  But, alas, I ain’t got no funny.  Ain’t got no snark.

Well, maybe I’ve got some snark, as it’s rarely completely AWOL so here it is:

Our current administration and the media that covers it are all sniveling pussies who just won’t grow up and don’t give two shits about the great unwashed and whether or not we get real news, agenda-based-news, fake news, revenge news or Jerry-Springer-esque news. Not to mention the purile, non-stop, someone-hide-his-fucking-phone tweets from our how-the-hell-did-this-happen commander in chief.

It’s chaos. Unadulterated, full on torches and pitchforks, shit between the administration and the people who report about it.  The American public has just become an afterthought; the collateral damage of this political / media war. It’s so bad that I’ve decided to come up with a name for it.

The Pussy Riots.

Apologies to the band for hijacking their name but I can’t help it. It fits.  And for me, it’s bloody laughable. And I don’t mean in a way that political comedy and satire should be.  Like what the good folks of Saturday Night Live so brilliantly bring us which is to say, true comedy in a cathartic kind of way. Rather, it makes me want to scream and throw my T.V. out the window like Peter Finch in Network!  Dude was right on! Unfortunately, it just wouldn’t have the same impact because T.Vs nowadays only weigh about 8 oz. and don’t produce the same kind of crashing mayhem of older televisions when you toss them from ten story apartment buildings but I’m sure you get my point, regardless.

Did you happen to notice that I use the words politics, politicians and media numerous times in this post?  Know why?  Because I’ve just learned that thanks to the wonders of technology, bloggers now have to think really hard about what words to use so they’ll show up high on search engines.

Really? I ask my low-tech, prehistoric, analog self.

Yes, really, Jurassic Girl.

So here’s a whole bunch of words that will hopefully result in search engine optimization (SEO) of this post so tens of people will see it:  PUSSY, PUSSIES, PUSSY RIOT, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN, POLITICIANS, POLITICS, MEDIA, POTUS, TWEETS, FAKE NEWS, REVENGE NEWS, JERRY SPRINGER, POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS, MEDIA, MEDIA, MEDIA.

So…..I would be remiss if I didn’t thank those who fueled this Sunday morning rant.

Thank you MEDIA.  Thank you POTUS.  Thank you POLITICIANS and the POLITICS you practice.  Thank you, MEDIA folks.  Thank you FAKE NEWS outlets. Thank you PUSSY RIOT. Thank you PUSSIES everywhere….for providing the necessary words that I’ve so shamelessly exploited.

To conclude my diatribe about Politics and The Media (see how I continue to kiss the ass of technology there?), I suggest they all be punish-ed until they get back to what they should be doing:  serving the American public and not their own agendas.

I suggest a spanking machine or something physical that will get their attention.

Somebody call Guantanamo. I’m sure there’s something left over that would suffice.

Namaste, assholes.



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