A Tragic Twist of Comedic Fate

I struggle with trying to break into a business that thrives on Hey, look at me! It flies in the face of my typical tendency to stay out of the spotlight.  Yet, I can’t stop.  I create stories that I hope will someday come to life and be seen by other humans and not just characters rattling around in my head threatening to take over my already fragile psyche and thrust me into a Sybil-like multiple personality hell.

But sometimes, it feels kinda cool getting some recognition.  It keeps the faith alive.  Makes me feel valid as a writer.


one small flip of a vowel can me feel like a total jackass.

In the world of blogging, there’s an enormous difference between a “ton” of people who read your blog (an awesome and rewarding place to be if you’re the ton-ee) and “tens” of people who read your blog which is, I’m afraid, my station in the blogosphere.  I don’t mind, really.  I use this space to sort of mind dump when my I’m paralyzed by the daunting first page of a newly formed screenplay idea. Goddamn that page is so….so…so… fucking white!  Jesus!  It’s like staring into an endless, Siberian abyss!  For the love of Dog, am I being exiled or trying to write a goddamn story?

But I digress.

For the “tens” of you who are kind enough to visit here, I am painfully aware that one recently transposed vowel in an otherwise ego-boosting and quite possibly undeserved article has left me feeling like a poser.  An imposter making outrageous claims of a readership that does not exist outside of my own delusions. I mean, not only my own delusions could come up with that one.  The most creative delusion I’ve been able to come up with is convincing myself I actually like kale!

I really did write “tens” and not “tons”. After all, it’s the truth and it’s funny.  At least I thought so.  But maybe the editor didn’t share my sense of humor or just thought poor thing needs a new prescription.

[big sigh]

Be that as it may, I swear on my 25th Anniversary copy of Silverstein’s Different Dances that I did indeed write the letter “e” between the “t” and the “n” and NOT an “o”.

You gotta believe me! You just gotta!

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