Bowin in a wiiiinnn…just a taaay in a wiiiinnn….

Yeah, okay, I’m blatantly sharking from Jodie Foster’s performance in Nell but that’s what I feel like when one my electronic devices makes yet another sound I can’t figure out. It’s making my head spin and I’m seeing little blue birdies flying around. [not really. I was just messin’ around with PhotoBooth – one of the few things I’ve learned to use with relative proficiency]

Anyway, back to the issue at hand.  Since device A is trying to communicate with me, I’m going to try and do the same.


[ME to device A]   “Uh….are you telling me about a tree blowing in the wind?  Is that it?  ”

[device A]  two short clicks and a long bell.

[ME to device A]  “Okay, one more time. I didn’t get that. It sounded like chicka-chicka paaaay. Is that…what is that?? I need to “check” something? Or get paaaaaid for something?”

No response. Damn. Device A has shut down. Perhaps I frightened it with my aggressive approach. Where the hell’s Liam Neeson when I need him?

I guess I’ll just have to figure this out for myself. Maybe search for one of those little red dots by the thing that looks like a postage stamp. Thank the gods the symbol looks the same on every device. There could be a clue there. And I can’t forget the Google mail  and that Twitter thing.

Wait a minute…Twitter…blue birdies flying around my head. The Twitter logo is a blue bird, right?

Maybe I’m on to something!



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Susie Saladino
Susie Saladino
July 11, 2012 4:12 pm

That totally made me laugh and remember how funny you are!! I can’t wait to read ALL of these, when I have the time to sit down and enjoy it. NELL!!!! hahahah