“The Debate On Spanking The Dead….”

These are my glasses. They’re a lovely tortoise shell. I’ve been told they make me look studious.  One guy at a coffee shop told me they made me look rich. I had no response to that except something like…”uh….thanks, I think. Can you leave room for cream?”

But these glasses, although lovely and expensive-looking, have a fatal flaw.

They’ve stopped doing their job.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They didn’t just  become like a French airline employee and suddenly go on strike.  Nothing like that.  It was a long, slow process.

I first noticed a problem when reading news headlines on my laptop.

George Clooney arrested outside a Sudanese Bakery

Wow. Did he get a lousy bagel or what?

Oh, wait…It was outside the Sudanese EMBASSY.  Damn.

And then last week there was this shocking headline:

The Debate on Spanking The Dead 

What kind of demented mind thinks of  spanking a dead person?  That’s just downright twisted. Then again, so are those Real Housewife shows so I guess it’s not that far-fetched.

Ruh roh…wrong again. It’s the debate on spanking IS dead.  Ooops.

Time to retire, my lovelies. Tortoise or otherwise, we have grown apart.

By the way, I just read that  Moby Is Sworn In As President of Egypt.

Maybe some groovy techno will calm some of that unrest.  Let’s hope!


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