Author and Illustrator

Jules is wearing her favorite black poncho. Tyson and Kobe are wearing their own fur.

Officially, I’m Julie, but feel free to call me Jules. Most everyone does.

Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I love stories of all kinds but I especially love kid’s books. Specifically, I love kid’s books told in rhyming verse so it’s obvious why Shel Silverstein is my hero and all things Dr. Seuss are shining stars in my universe. These two amazing authors and artists inspired me to bring Catty Wompus to life and A Tale of Friendship is the beginning of her journey. I had a blast bringing it from brain to paper with the help of Chason Matthams and his funky, groovy illustrations. There will be more Catty stories to follow each building from the lessons Catty learns about life and friendship and her desire to pass those lessons on to others. And who knows? She and her pals may show up in “human kid” form sometime soon! (A not-so-subtle hint that a project is afoot!)


Chason Matthams

Illustrator Chason Matthams is a graduate of the Fine Arts Department of New York University. His pursuits include illustration, animation, painting, and portraiture. Chason lives in New York City.

(Jules would like to add that Chason is not only a brilliant artist but he’s also nice to his mommy.)

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