Little surprises me these days.

Life gets increasingly…hectic? High-pressure?  Or just plain hard, I guess.

Sometimes I lose faith.

Then I get it back.

Humanity disappoints.

Then humanity redeems itself.

And unexpectedly, I meet someone who quite literally takes my breath from me.

Like the “girl” in Austin.

I did not catch her name.

I was too mesmerized.

She looked so much like Lori.

Blonde, tall, vivacious, oozing a comedic sensibility.

Her hands move as she speaks…just like Lori’s did…as if spinning the words like spider silk.

Everything delivered with bone-dry wit.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Does she notice?

My eyes are going to overflow.

[Please don’t notice.]

I want her to never stop talking.

I want to ask her what it’s like now….where she is….can she see us?

How utterly ridiculous of me.

I want to thank her.

“For what?”, I can imagine her saying.

For surprising me.

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