You Think You Know Someone….

….and then they go off and buy something like Corn Nuts.

I’ve known my husband for what seems like forever and he has never, I repeat, never bought a bag of Corn Nuts.

I sent him to the store to get munchies for the mini-bar since the hotel charges $35 for a bag of pretzels.

And this is what he comes back with?

I mean, what the hell IS a Corn Nut anyway??

Is it corn?

Is it a nut?

It simply cannot be both.

I am on vacation.

I do not want confusion.

I do not want a corn snack dressed up like a peanut which is, to me,  a corn snack in drag.

I want Cheetos.

I want Baby Goldfish (cheddar, of course).

Jeez!…who IS this guy!!

I’m not even gonna mention the Cracker Jacks.

The prizes are completely lame these days….just fyi.

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October 12, 2010 3:33 am

What are you bitchen about. He could have brought you a box of ritz and a can of cheese wiz.