Possibly Related Links

So….after my vibrating hand grenade post, WordPress listed some “possibly related links” for my browsing pleasure.

Hmmm.  I should click on the links because I’m not getting the connections.

10 Things Parents Should Know About Land of the Lost 

It was exactly that; a guy listing the 10 things parents should know about this movie.  Maybe the link is from one of my categories:  funny.  But, for the record, the guy didn’t think it was terribly funny as Will Ferrell movies go.

Come to Baby Mama


Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Shows off Babies Jax and Jaid  

These two links must have been generated from the word “babies”.

I also used the words “dildo” and “orgasm”.

Damn.  No possibly related links to those words.

And who the fuck is Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon?

Okay. Okay.  I should know the answer to that, right?


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