Too Much Information

Today I was browsing through the cheery news in the Wall Street Journal.    Nothing like a little gloom and doom fueled by copious amounts of caffeine to start your day.

Bored with the financial crisis monotony and ridiculous, devoid-of-any-newsworthiness articles about what Michelle Obama was wearing in Europe, I skipped to the Weekend Journal Section, gave it a once-over then made a bee-line to the advertisements.

I find them amusing.   (Much more so than the insane amount of free advertising J. Crew got when Michelle wore that darling 3/4 sleeved, cropped sweater while strolling with Sarah Brown in London).

Just for the record, if you’re ever in the market for a hunting lease in Texas that comes fully equipped with a Game Biologist and a breeding pen, the Leisure Travel advert section of the WSJ  is the place you’ll find it.

If you’re an executive looking for work, I suggest The Mart.  This is where TMI Executive Resources has their ad.

Their name puzzles me.

But then I gave it some more thought.

Maybe this is where former Wall Street mucky-mucks go to revive their careers after they’ve run their former companies into the ground.

I  wonder if TMI tailor-makes resumes for former CEO that need to cover up their pasts while still claiming to know what they’re doing? 

Maybe this acronym is meant to be ironic? 

Or maybe it’s some sort of reverse psychology thing?

Whatever it is, it made me laugh.

I mean, too much information has GOT to be a problem for these guys, right?

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