The Mouths Of Babes

My sister has been a teacher since the beginning of time.

Actually, both my sisters have been teachers since the beginning of time.

I think they may have actually written their lessons on stone tablets.

I also think they’re both going to kill me for saying that but they’ll have to stand in line and I can only die once, so there.

My sister who teaches the younger set has graciously provided me with some of the more comical comments made by her students over the years.  I doubt that she will be as generous once she reads the stone tablet comment so I’m going to strike while the iron is hot.

From The Greatest Hits collection:

“Mrs. Green, you’re sorta square, like a circle.”  (Personally, I’ve been accused of worse so don’t feel bad, sis.)

“I love you so much I’m gonna come back next year and kick your ass.”  (Whoa!! Not sure how I feel about this one.) 

Are we going to the rabbi to get a crixford book?  (Translation:  Are we going to the library to get a Clifford book?  In this little guy’s defense, there are entire web-sites devoted to mistaken rock song lyrics so this one gets a pass.)

You can’t get milk from bunnies.  (Unless of course, it’s a lactating Playmate)

All kidding aside, I salute teachers everywhere!  You are the idealists and the explorers who inspire us to reach and discover and question; not just as children but as adults as well.  I will never lose my passion to learn because of you and for that,  I thank you.

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February 14, 2009 2:29 pm

My mother was a teacher. My niece is a teacher too. It is a tough job, but so rewarding.