I Am Not A Heartless Woman!

Why did I just think of Richard Nixon??

Anyway, I feel the need to post a disclaimer on The Life is Sacred Winnebago  story.

Although my post is based on initial observations brought on by long suppressed voyeuristic tendencies, I feel that they may have come across the wrong way and that’s bothersome to me  (as if admitting to being a voyeur  isn’t bothersome enough).

The RV is occupied by a woman, not an unfortunate family down on their luck.    I do not poke fun at people down on their luck (exception politicians and/or assholes who deserve it).

Where I live, odd people and odd goings-on are part of the landscape.  It is what I love about living here.  There is an ecclectic mix of bohemian artists, aging hippies, young successful people who bring a vibrance to the landscape, older rich people who give alot to the community, immigrants, military folks, people who have come here because of an inexplicable pull that they cannot escape;  every type of humanity you can conjure resides here. 

And it is fertile ground for those of us who love to observe (notice the subtle way I inject the word “observe”) and find humor or poignancy, whatever strikes the fancy.  It is an endless source of fascination.

A few examples of real people in my community:

A guy in Carmel from a wealthy family who dresses head to toe in tartan.  Maybe he auditioned for Braveheart but didn’t get part and never got over it?  Not sure but he’s a nice enough guy and all the bartenders around town know him.

Or the funny little man who shuffles around town (at a pretty good clip, I might add) with a paper shopping bag full of I don’t know what.  He motors EVERYWHERE muttering to myself but never speaking to anyone.  No one seems to know where he’s from.

My personal fave:  the woman in Pacific Grove who uses a Shetland pony as a service animal.  This seems like it would be cumbersome but it works for her.    I just LOVE ponies!

Or the woman who fought to have chickens in her back yard (they have cute names like Chloe and Diana, I think).  They’re quiet so who cares?  But it did cause quite a neighborhood split with pro-chicken people pitted against non-chicken-loving people.    The woman won (a Russian immigrant) who just wanted fresh eggs, damn it!

And yes;  Winnebago Lady. 

Damn!  Guess my pleas to the po-leece of  “Do your job and get that fucker outta here”  will go unheeded.


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February 11, 2009 10:54 pm

“Every type of humanity you can conjure resides here”
That’s all I’m Quoting.Because I do get the point….

February 12, 2009 4:17 am

Wait just a minute. Are you telling me that our sister Joan and her band of roosters could actually reside there. And all this time I thought we were stuck with her. I guess thats what makes life interesting.

March 16, 2009 5:42 pm

okay, about the chicken lady; my friend lived behind her. It wasn’t so much the chickens but the raccoons that settled in her yard waiting for dinner every night. Finally their wish came true; Mrs. Chicken left them out one night and there was carnage every where. And the reason why you don’t want raccoons in your yard are 1. they eat or hurt your pets; 2. they carry a bacterium in their feces that if ingested by a child, causes blindness, organ failure, etc….so, chickens yes, raccoons, no.