Found It!


I thought I’d lost my holiday spirit. 

I was beginning to worry.

But then I found it.

And then I ate it. 

Well, not all of it.  I had accomplices;  my fellow diabetics-waiting-to-happen, Lauri and Jen.

Please ignore the unadorned cookie at the top that resembles a hand flipping the bird.  It’s a hand flipping the bird which isn’t very festive.  It was made especially for my husband by his restaurateur bud, Joe Rombi.  It’s his and wife Lauri’s kitchen we used to shake and bake these puppies.   It’s full of cool cooking stuff and monster-sized ranges and hulking refrigerators.  Jen and I explored every single one.  Laurie was patient but kept a close eye on us.  We were, after all, searching for our Holiday Mojo and I’m sure she thought we’d catch something on fire or break the Robo Coupe machine that blends all the awesome I-talian food she’s always shoving our way which, of course, we’re obligated to eat since we usually pay for it.  Oh, what a glorious day it was.  The restaurant was closed and we had the place to ourselves.  It was better than any grade school field trip I remember, that’s for sure. 

We wore chef suits…..



Some of us needed help with the buttons.  Sooooo complicated, you know.

I got mine buttoned on the first try because, well, I have superior kitchen skills and this is my blog and I said so.








Here is the nimble hand of the masterbeater whipping in the blue dye with lightning speed  (It’s probably Laurie but I don’t want to name names).  I did not know blue was a holiday color but it was  Laurie’s place and we didn’t feel right pointing it out since she was being all nice to us and we were making a ridiculous mess.  So… since this is my blog (did I mention that?)  I’m going to say it now:   Laurie, blue is not a Christmas color.  I’m just sayin’!!!!

Wait!  There’s more to this picture…..

Look closer…..

Notice the lone spoon on the table smeared with the evidence left behind by some carbo-starved perp who thought it wouldn’t be noticed.  This is how it starts, my friends.  First it’s an innocent taste and then…..




Well… it’s sad.  So very, very sad.


(But I’m getting help.  It’s my ’09 resolution)









Just remember not to drink ALL the cupcake batter.  Gotta have a little left over to bake! 








And don’t forget to pay tribute to your favorite Rastafarian.  R.I.P. Bob Marley.


Happy Holidays, y’all.  




P.S.  I love you Laurie and Jen!  And Joe… even though you made a mockery of the holidays with your bad-finger cookie.

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December 25, 2008 2:01 am

I am crying right now, because that was truly a day among days. The best was…you lost a nail in the frosting??? or maybe, whose finger was in the frosting? You replying, “she did it” pointing at me. You cupcake batter drinking fool!!
PS, how come you didn’t share the aunt jamima looking angel????

December 25, 2008 9:40 am

LOL, thanks for the laughs, love the photo of you in the cake batter.

Have a great Christmas!

December 25, 2008 2:43 pm

Merry Christmas Julie.

Sharon Matthams
Sharon Matthams
December 26, 2008 1:01 am

I kept telling myself ‘back away from the cookies’ but I didn’t listen.
I kept telling myself ‘don’t eat that cookie’ but I didn’t listen, and I didn’t listen, and I didn’t listen’…and now ALL my cookies are g o n e………

uh, and so is my waist.
It was totally worth it!

Happy Happy Christmas, and I’, so glad your MOJO is back.