Monkey Paradise

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes at my dry cleaners. 


It wasn’t because I particularly like being exposed to harsh chemicals for long periods of time but the guy in front of me had a lost comforter.  They found the comforter cover, however.  It was a scary motif of Oz-esque monkeys wearing early American period clothing.  You know, cutaway jackets and knickers with black buckled shoes?  They were frolicking in what appeared to be a tropical Garden of Eden.  At least that’s my opinion because those grinning monks looks pretty stoked about being there even though their outfits looks ridiculous.   I suspect this piece is from the Tommy Bahama on Acid collection.  


To distract me from the visual assault of the monkey paradise, I picked up a fashion mag and thumbed through it because I like to torture myself and I ran across an article entitled:  Get the Body You Were Born to Have.   


Okay… so if I was a born to have a particular body, why don’t I have it now?  I mean, wouldn’t it be my birthright?  Why do I have to go “get” it?   

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Sharon Matthams
Sharon Matthams
November 27, 2008 6:09 pm

Julie, I don’t know about you (of course, that’s another entire discussion)but I plan to
be one of those absurd individuals lined up in front of Target at 4am tomorrow morning….I am
certain we can find ‘the bodies we were born to have’ somewhere inside those hallowed walls.
I mean for heaven’s sake, don’t they carry EVERYTHING??

Happy gobble gobbling