Ode To A Scrabble Champion

I love strong, smart women.  I also love strong, smart men but that’s another story.


Today, it’s all about a broad and my friend Sharon is one of the smartest broads I know, to wit, she is beautiful, witty and quick on the draw, will kick your proverbial ass in Scrabble, and serve up your defeat with seductive Southern charm that has you apologizing for not giving her more of a challenge.  Now that’s my kinda woman!


Today my beautiful, witty, smarty-pants friend (I mean this with the deepest respect) used a term that stumped me.  Yes, I was flummoxed, puzzled, confounded and ….. put on a mission so profound and stoked with the flames of white hot passion as to cinge the pages of my dictionary    not to mention my keyboard –  for the origins of  the word quiddity.  My heart began to pump, my palms were clammy, I felt a small rivulet of sweat drip down the middle of my back for this was a challenge of the highest magnitude wrapped neatly with a bow of sincere compliment.  You tricky, tricky Southerner!


From Wikipedia:


Quidditydefines the “essense” of an object.  It literally means its “whatness” or “what it is”.   Hmmmm.  Becoming clearer now but needs a bit more focus….


From an on-line dictionary:


The essence, nature, or distinctive peculiarity, of a thing; that which answers the question, Quid est? or, What is it?




Julie’s definition of  diverting quiddity (as was referenced in Sharon’s comment to It’s Not My Fault) is the feeling, or “essence” of  being in a hot, bubbly tub o’Calgon that transports one to another place without really understanding the “distinctive peculiarity” of said transport.   


This makes me smile.


You humble me with your support, dear Sharon.    Quid pro quo!


P.S.  Just for clarification, The Word of the Day is Quiddity.  See above.







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Sharon Matthams
Sharon Matthams
November 2, 2008 5:02 pm

Oh crikey! That might have been my last big word…..and now you’ve raised the bar.
Sorry if I………(see attached site)



November 4, 2008 8:58 am

I needed that word just a few days ago. Thanks.

My mom is an ass kicker in Scrabble. She’s always got a “Q” or a “Z” for those triple word scores.