Mistaken Identity

I’ve always loved the sound of Yiddish.  I’m not entirely certain why but I think it might be genetic.  One time my son bought a box of those little word magnets you can put on your fridge and leave endearing messages to your loved ones like “Just pack your shit and get the hell out” and discovered it contained Yiddish words instead of English words. He kept them which made me smile.


Today, I got a message from someone who tried to access my blog and left out some vowels or something and got taken to another one with a post entitled “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk. Learn Yiddish!”  Was it just a tsufal?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that I laughed my butt off and promptly headed to an on-line Yiddish dictionary.  


So, here’s what I have to say about mistaken identity: 


Es hot zich oysgelohzen a boydem!  Except, danken Got, a good tselakhn.


Julie’s uneducated translation:  Nothing came of it!  Except, thank God, a good laugh. 



Umm….. I think that’s what I said.

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