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  • Catty Wompus and The New Kid

    Determined to put her new found friendliness to work, Catty Wompus pays it forward when she befriends an offbeat classmate.  See how Catty Wompus and Lucy Hope, help new kid, Kelvin Hall, make it through his first day at a brand new school.

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  • Catty Wompus: A Tale of Friendship

    Follow the story of lonely girl, Catty Wompus, as she learns a valuable lesson from a determined classmate in this timeless tale about what it means to be a friend. [Website]

  • Jasper Milliken (comedy screenplay)

    When a pint-sized psychic is adopted by a young Midwestern couple, he turns their small town upside down...until his new mom reveals a long-held secret of her own.
  • Chasing Crazy (comedy screenplay)

    A woman goes incognito as a production assistant to recover her dead mother’s estate and finds herself going toe-to-toe with an unscrupulous movie producer.
  • Dead Sexy (dark comedy screenplay)

    DEAD SEXY is a fantasy romance about a cocky dead man on the verge of a blissful afterlife but he's not getting in until he completes one final task to prove he's worthy:  befriend an earthbound woman and convince her to change her self-destructive ways.
  • Epiphany (drama screenplay)

    A young woman leaves behind the family empire she helped to create when she falls in love with a visiting scholar.
  • In the Blink of an Eye (drama screenplay)

    A family is torn apart when a young girl accidentally causes the death of her step-father.
  • Habitual (drama series/pilot)

    An ex-con, crack addict starts a grassroots addiction therapy group despite a bitter parole office that dogs her every step of the way.
  • A Stroke of Genius (comedy short)

    A recently divorced woman gets a taste of the wild life when she inadvertently sends a steamy e-mail, intended for her ex-husband, to a young hottie who was sent to hang her drapes.
  • Sweet Jane (comedy short)

    A mild-mannered suburbanite flips out during Christmas when her ungrateful family takes her for granted.
  • Other Stuff In The Works

    We Didn’t Wear Helmets Back Then: Collected Stories from a Dangerous Childhood (Essays coming soon)

    "There's a Hornet's Nest in My Magnolia Tree"  (Serial Fiction)  A comedic look at Love, Lies and Hope.

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