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The Facts:

Jules’ feature length script, Jasper Milliken, won the prestigious Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition for Comedy, October, 2010 and was a Nicholl Fellowship quarterfinalist in 2009. It is currently in development with Experience Media Studios and slated to begin filming in Spring of 2013. Her children's book, Catty Wompus: A Tale of Friendship is a 2010 Hoffer Book Award winner.

Jules holds a Feature Film Writing Certificate from University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA Extension as well as the Academy of Film Writing and is a member of 5150, an international screenwriting workshop. She is co-producer of a live-action, children's musical group called Jerry and the Silly Monsters based in Santa Cruz, California and is a founding board member of the Monterey Bay Film Society whose programs and media workshops serve at-risk and underserved youth of the Monterey Peninsula.

The Personal:

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re curious or interested or something that deserves a thank you or two.

Thank you and thank you again.

So...a little more about me.

I’m an Aries.

My right foot is slightly bigger than my left.

When I was twelve, I was in love with Chad Everett.

I have an obsession.

And I don’t take that word lightly.  It smacks of erratic and illogical behavior.  But...kinder, gentler thesaurus-worthy alternatives just don’t cut it: attraction (oh, please), fancy (too British), compulsion (just not enough), fetish (too creepy and makes me think of feet).

Obsession, despite the connotation, is the right word to use to describe how I feel about writing.  I have to write something every day. Have to. A blog post. A really creative grocery list. A rousing game of who-can-write-the-pithiest-e-mail with a kindred spirit.  Tagging a building works in a pinch if I happen to be carrying a can of spray paint at midnight. I see it as a form of OCD less the extreme hand-washing or having to eating peas only in groups of six.

Thankfully, my obsessive behavior led me to a writer’s group called 5150 where I have had the good fortune of not getting kicked out of for a few years now. We aren’t held there against our will despite what the name implies. On the contrary. It’s home. And my family is a group of inspiring, supportive writers who push each other to be the very best they can be.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without them.

I don’t know if what I write will go beyond just words on a page or the relative space I occupy on the World Wild West.  But that’s the beauty of all this crazy technology I love/hate and passively-aggressively rage against every chance I get.  The possibilities are endless.  We can do anything here in cyberspace. People read our stuff. We can write and film our stories on a shoestring, lay bare our fragile souls to anyone who’ll give us a chance.  We can even control our own destinies if we’re driven enough. We can do things our own way without having to hear the word “no”....again.

I don’t like the word “no”.  And I despise the phrase “you can’t do it that way”.

Really?  Why not?

I’ll take my chances here in the land of yes and see where it takes me.

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